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2nd Alumni Ball of the TU Dresden

2nd Alumni Ball
of the TU Dresden
on June 8th 2012

Last year, more than 600 guests of the first Alumni Ball of the TU Dresden proved that graduates of the TUD like to dance! Therefore, the TU Dresden invites its former and current students as well as employees of the TU Dresden to attend the 2nd Alumni Ball. It is to be held on June 8th 2012 at the International Congress Center. We look forward to welcoming guests from far and wide. Extend your network and exchange your (work) experience! We are planning a varied program that will leave enough space for dancing. A highlight of this year’s ball will be the concert of the rock band LIFT. The hosts for the evening will be Anja Petzold
We're looking forward to a wonderful evening! You can now order your tickets here.

On June 9th 2012, the TU Dresden opens its gates to guests. Until 3 p.m. you can join lectures on the latest scientific research programs, talk to staff and students, join campus tours and much more.
You can find the full program online on: tu-dresden.de/unitag
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