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54th Short Course on Climate Change Adaptation (SC 54)

Possible impact of climate change.

Adaptation of land-use management and development strategies to climate change is given growing attention. Awareness and mobilisation over recent years has been growing regarding the problems of natural disasters and the measures of local actors.

Climatic change will have considerable consequences on the regional level with respect to land-use, disaster management and economic activities. Within the next decades demographic changes, urbanisation processes, and the consequences of climate change will have significant influence on the challenges of regional planning and development. Increasing land consumption, and higher population densities with the associated infrastructure needs and water and food demand on the one hand, and the tendency to extreme hydrological events, and soil degradation lead to growing conflict potentials.

This course is to be seen as a contribution to the environmental capacity building for the development of land-use management strategies in the light of climate change. Integrated approaches to environmental governance and resources management are required.

Therefore the curriculum comprises lectures and seminars on aspects like: meteorology (climate, water cycle); integrated water resource management (water balance, basic hydraulics, catchment hydrology, hydrology of extremes); urban water (urban water infrastructure, drinking water, waste water treatment, floods); regional planning and environmental governance (urban structures and infrastructures, urban green); land-use management (soil protection, agriculture and forestry); and decision support systems (writing scenarios, development of adaptation strategies, integrated development programmes). Site visits and excursions to regional and national authorities and research institutions shall illustrate the administrative and economic management attempts of climate change adaptation.

Objectives: Participants are expected to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to the development of integrated sound strategies towards the adaptation to climate change in their respective countries.

Target Groups: This course is designed mainly for managers and decision-makers with pertinent professional experience in land-use management and land-use policy development.

Award: Participants successfully completing this course are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Climate Change Adaptation.

Allowance: EUR 450.-, sufficient to cover all basic living expenses during the course and additional allowances of Euro 50.- to settle in, as well as Euro 50.- to send home books, etc.

Duration: 13 October - 10 November 2011


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