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60th Short Course on Climate Change Adaptation: The Soil-Water Nexus (SC60)

Possible impact of climate change.

Water and soil are finite and vulnerable resources. In spite of the considerable progress since 1990, one third of the global population lives under water stress conditions and if there is no change in the present trends, by the year 2025 two thirds will have to face serious water problems. The availability of water in the face of increasing demand indicates the potential for disputes and conflicts over water resources. Furthermore, it is estimated that at least more than one fourth of the Earth’s usable land has been affected by severe degradation to a degree sufficient to reduce biomass production for food, feed, raw material and bio-energy.

In the context of a continuously growing population this represents an enormous threat: While the world population has increased from 3 billion to 6.4 billion over the last 4 decades, arable land has only increased by about 8 %, mainly by converting forest to arable land, and land consumption by urbanisation additionally reduces available fertile agricultural sites. In addition, according to climate projections for the coming decades rainfall patterns will undergo distinct changes. Hence, extreme events such as droughts and floods will increase in intensity and frequency, which requires adequate adaptation strategies.

The course will focus on causes and dimensions of soil and water degradation, on adaptive conservation and reclamation technologies as well as on integrated soil and watershed management. Strategies for the protection of soils by a sustainable land-use management will be discussed; principles of irrigation, reservoir design, and drinking water distribution will be highlighted. Excursions to various sites will inform about the latest developments in the field of soil and water management. Lectures are held by internationally renowned professors of Technische Universität Dresden and experts from other environmental institutions in Germany and abroad.


Objectives: Participants are expected to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to the development of integrated sound strategies towards land-use, soil and water management.

Target Groups: This course is designed mainly for managers and decision-makers with pertinent professional experience in environment protection with focus on soil, land-use, and water management. A corresponding professional background (geography, soil science, water management, etc.) is a prerequisite.

Award: Participants successfully completing this course are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Climate Change Adaptation: The Soil-Water Nexus.

Allowance: EUR 450.-, sufficient to cover all basic living expenses during the course and additional allowances of Euro 50.- to settle in, as well as Euro 50.- to send home books, etc.

Duration: 9 October - 8 November 2013


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