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61st Short Course on Green Economy (SC61)


By 2050, it is estimated that the Earth’s population will reach more than 9 billion people. Economic growth will be necessary but cannot follow the path as we know it. Limited carrying capacity of the atmosphere, soil, water and land resources requires rethinking economy. The UN-conference on sustainable development in June 2012 (Rio+20) suggests the development of a 'Green economy'. It is seen to be an important instrument to achieve sustainable development. With the majority of the global population living in urban areas already today, the urban economic sectors will play a key role in the transformation towards a green economy. The ecological footprint of cities as an indicator of sustainability demands urgent rethinking of current urban development practices. Both, the producing industries and services, as well as the public sector must develop strategies for sustainable use and consumption of energy and natural resources.

Besides the institutional framework of sustainable urban development and design, the course curriculum includes modules on technical infrastructure development for water, waste water, energy, transport and waste.

Excursions to various sites will inform about developments in the field of Green Economy. The lectures are held by internationally renowned professors of Technische Universität Dresden and experts from other environmental institutions in Germany and abroad.

Objectives: Participants are expected to adapt new concepts for sustainable development and a green economy. After the completion of this course they should be able to actively contribute to the development of a sustainable resources management in their respective countries in general and to a green economy in particular.

Target Groups: This course is especially designed to meet the professional demand of experts working in environmental management with special focus on urban design and development. A corresponding professional background (environmental management, geography, urban engineering, natural resources management, forestry) is a prerequisite.

Award: Participants successfully completing this course are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Green Economy.

Allowance: EUR 450.-, sufficient to cover all basic living expenses during the course and additional allowances of Euro 50.- to settle in, as well as Euro 50.- to send home books, etc.

Duration: 18 November - 13 December 2013



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