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63rd Short Course on Sustainable Transportation (SC63)

More than 50% of the world’s population are urban residents, often in rapidly expanding mega-cities. This implicates serious negative effects, mainly caused by traffic, such as congestion, pollution, noise, land use and energy consumption etc..

Worldwide, the number of motor vehicles is estimated to grow further. Already now transportation is responsible for dominant parts of health damages due to NOx, PM and other local emissions, and for about 1/3 of greenhouse gas emission, affecting global climate. For the EU-27, external costs from transport vehicles are estimated at about 500 billion € per year. This situation is not sustainable.

On the other hand, traffic is essential for society to provide access. Sustainable transport has to put the needs of present and future populations into first place, considering all groups of society, and to allow them to satisfy their location change needs. Everybody, now and in the future, has a right to obtain access to jobs, shops, doctors, or leisure facilities.

The course deals with developing strategies to integrate transport into the concept of sustainable development. Participants will share and discuss their experience, present national traffic policies, and develop sustainable processes and measures for their countries. Professors of Technische Universität Dresden as well as experts from industry and the German Federal Environmental Agency will elaborate on approaches to holistic traffic planning and to concepts for sustainable transport development. Topics include: Current situation, evaluation procedures and manuals, alternative fuels and engines, transport planning, regional planning, pollution and noise, fuel consumption and climate change, public transport, walking, biking, and methods to measure access and the needs of the population with regard to transports.

Objectives: Participants are expected to acquire professional skills in order to efficiently support the environmental policy of their respective countries with regard to transportation aspects and to be able to initiate own projects on all administrative levels.

Target Groups: This course is designed chiefly for experts at upper managerial level with a professional background in transport.

Award: Participants successfully completing this course are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Sustainable Transportation.

Allowance: EUR 450.-, sufficient to cover all basic living expenses during the course and additional allowances of Euro 50.- to settle in, as well as Euro 50.- to send home books, etc.

Duration:  8 October - 31 October 2014



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