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Susann Auer


Control of the clubroot disease by an endophytic fungus of the genus Acremonium (Doctoral thesis)


Untersuchungen zur Kontrolle der Kohlhernie durch einen endophytischen Pilz


Description: The clubroot disease caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae infects economically important crop species such as canola and causes high yield losses. The disease is difficult to control by chemical and cultural means. In a previous study from our laboratory Acremonium alternatum, a soilborne endopyhtic fungus and known biological control agent in other countries, showed a promising antagonistic effect in clubroot infected plants. The means by which Acremonium controls pathogens is not known so far. Presumably the fungus induces resistance mechanisms in the host plant and thus delays the development of the pathogen. We want to test this theory in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana as well as the economically important crop species Canola (Brassica napus) and Chinese cabbage (B. rapa). To monitor the development of the infection within plants we will use molecular methods as well as phytopathological techniques. The following questions will be addressed: (A) How does Acremonium induce tolerance / resistance in Arabidopsis? (B) In which plant parts can the endophyte be found at different time points after inoculation? (C) Where does the interaction between Acremonium and P. brassicae take place? (D) Which plant signals are involved? The long-term goal is to develop an inocolum from Acremonium spores or spore parts which can be applied easily and constitutes an environmentally friendly and lasting method for the reduction of clubroot infections.

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