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Professur Ingenieurpsychologie und angewandte Kognitionsforschung

The Chair of Engineering Psychology and Applied Cognition is part of the Department of Psychology (Institute for Work, Organizational and Social Psychology) at the Faculty of Science at Technische Universität Dresden. The general focus of our research is application-oriented basic research in the domains of human eye movements, perception and cognition.

We are interested in investigating and supporting dynamic effects of attention in real and virtual environments. Our core of research domains are eye movements during free picture viewing, attention-centered design of human computer interaction, intelligent user (and driver) support by means of online evaluations of intentions and situation awareness, as well as the development of methods for analyzing eye movements in three-dimensional environments. For our studies we use high-resolution video based eye tracking systems. Our group is cooperating with national and international partners. Within the TU Dresden we are affiliated with the Zentrum Virtueller Maschinenbau (ZVM). Colleagues from our lab have founded the company Interactive Minds Dresden with which we are maintaining a close cooperation.

We are part of the Master Program Human Performance in Socio-Technical Systems and offer several lectures as well as theoretical and practical courses for students of the Departments of Psychology, Computer Science and the Engineering Sciences.  


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Constanze Liebers
Phone: +49 351 463-34750
Fax: +49 351 463-37741
email iconliebers@applied-cognition.org
Room: BZW A220

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Technical University Dresden
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Chair of Engineering Psychology and Applied Cognitive Research
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