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[1. General information]
[2. Installations at the ZIH]
[3. Documentation]
[4. Additional information]

1. General information

MSC/NASTRAN is a FEA solver which is based on a software of the NASA and is developed by McNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC) for more than 30 years. NASTRAN is a general-purpose FE solver which is suited for the following tasks:

      • linear and nonlinear statics and dynamics
      • heat transfer
      • stability behavior
      • optimization of structures and sensitivity analysis
      • aeroelastizity
      • ccoustics
      • fluid/structure interaction
Due to the special storing technique as well as the super element technique, bandwidth optimization, the ability to restart and the "sparse solver" NASTRAN is suited particularly for the calculation of huge models. NASTRAN supports efficient High Performance Computing (HPC). NASTRAN is arranged in several modules. This allows the user to interfere with the calculation process. NASTRAN uses a wide range of element libraries and therefore has an enormous operational area. Every NASTRAN task is controlled by an user-created inputfile. NASTRAN does not contain an interactive pre- or postprocessor! They are to be used before and after the actual computation. You can use PATRAN for this purpose.

2. Installations am ZIH

MSC/NASTRAN is installed at the ZIH on the following systems:

3. Documentation

The following parts of the written documentation are available at the ZIH:

    • MSC/NASTRAN Version 70.5 Quick Reference Guide
    • MSC/NASTRAN Version 70.5 Configuration and Operations Guide
    • MSC/NASTRAN Version 70.5 Release Guide
    • MSC/NASTRAN Version 7.5 Configuration and Operations Guide
    • MSC/NASTRAN Version 7.5 Release Guide MSC
    • NASTRAN 2004 Installations/Operations Guide
    • MSC.NASTRAN 2004 Quick Reference Guide - Volume 1
    • MSC.NASTRAN 2004 Quick Reference Guide - Volume 2
    • MSC.NASTRAN 2004 Release Guide

There exists an online documentation for MSC/NASTRAN 2004 at the ZIH.

You can find a documentation for MSC/NASTRAN 2005 at the following location:

Short introductions into NASTRAN are also available at:

4. Additional information

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