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The Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing

The Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) is a central scientific unit of the Technische Universität Dresden with a broad spectrum of services and research competencies. It is responsible for the communication infrastructure of the university and operates the central information technology servers and services. In addition, with its interdisciplinary orientation, ZIH supports other departments and institutions in their research and education for all matters related to information technology and computer science.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel is the Director of the ZIH and holds the Professorship in computer architecture at the faculty  of computer science of the Technische Universität Dresden.


Supercomputing Conference SC'14
The ZIH presents its wide range of activities with a booth at SC'14 supercomputing conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 16-21, 2014. We are excited to showcase recent results in application projects, in our enhanced productivity tools for high performance computing, as well as research activities and projects on other related topics. For more information visit our booth #2323 or http://event.vampir.eu.

TU Dresden and Intel collaborate for achieving optimal performance on Intel processors
The Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) has been established as an Intel® Parallel Computing Center (IPCC). The collaboration between ZIH and Intel focuses on increasing the parallelism of existing scientific applications on future supercomputers consisting of many-core processors… more

Neuer Cloud-Speicherdienst für die TU Dresden
Am 15. Juli 2014 startete des ZIH seinen neuen Speicherdienst Cloudstore für alle Studenten und Mitarbeiter der TU Dresden ... more

Nationales Kompetenzzentrum für Big Data auf der CeBIT angekündigt
Der Technischen Universität Dresden, der Universität Leipzig und weiteren Forschungspartnern ist einen wichtigen Erfolg auf dem Weg zur Gründung eines nationalen Kompetenzzentrums  für „Big Data“ gelungen… more




The ZIH is a founding member of the Gauß-Allianz. This association of currently 17 national centers promotes the theme of "high performance computing" (HPC) at the national level as an independent strategic research activity. For information about important news within the German HPC community, we recommend the newsletter of the Gauß-Alliance: http://www.gauss-allianz.de/de/infobrief

... other news 

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