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News TUD senate supports rectorate in continuing to actively engage in media for an open-minded and tolerant society   

This was unanimously decided in a secret ballot of TU Dresden's senate on 14 January 2015. read more

Siavash Ghiasvand. Foto: Loesel

News „Saxony was my favorite next to the Californian Silicon Valley.“   

cfaed attracts PhD students from all over the world: 80 students from 12 countries read more

News Only 20 % of platinum needed: fuel cells could become economically more attractive thanks to novel aerogel catalyst   

Scientists from Technische Universität Dresden and from the Paul Scherrer Institute have designed, developed and characterized a new nanomaterial, which allows several time improvement of efficiency and durability of this kind of cells by simultaneous reduction of the material costs read more

Latest press review

Quelle: medicalnewstoday.com

... both experts in the field of blood cancer at the Carl Gustav Carus Medical Faculty of the TU Dresden, have now turned their long-term clinical and research experience in treatment of multiple myeloma into ...

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Quelle: MTA Dialog

Die meisten Bakterien, die uns täglich umgeben, machen dem gesunden Körper nichts aus. Erkrankt dieser kann sich das jedoch ändern. Das Immunsystem von Krebspatienten beispielsweise wird im Laufe der...

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Quelle: dresdeneins.tv

...O-Ton: Gerhard Ehninger, Direktor am Uniklinikum, Mitglied Dresden – place to be! Unter dem Motto "Offen und bunt – Dresden für alle! " werden zahlreiche national und international bekannte Prominente ...

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