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Gegen Rassismus

You are not alone!

Unfortunately, incidents of right-wing extremist violence and racial discrimination in which people are insulted or even attacked keep happening. Most often the victims blame themselves for what happened and wonder what they did wrong. The most important thing to realize is that the offended is not at fault.

Don’t give up!

It is always difficult to cope with the situation of having been insulted or attacked and one often feels left alone with one’s problems. But you are not alone! There are people who have been dealing with such kind of problems for a long time and who offer professional help.

You are legally entitled that the crime is investigated!

Racial discrimination and most of all attacks are criminal acts. You have the right to claim that the offenders are made accountable for their actions. In case of physical assault you also have the right to obtain indemnities and compensation for personal suffering. For this to happen it is important that the offence is reported to the police. The police are obliged to accept your complaint. You can give your report at every police station.

There are many institutions you can seek help from:

If you don’t want to go to the police right away or if you have problems giving your report in German, you can contact the victim consultation organization called ‘RAA Sachsen‘ that employs experts who have been dealing with racist offences for several years and who try to help as fast as possible.

Here, you will be able to talk about the incident and be advised on what possible further steps you should take. You will decide whether you want to stay anonymous or go public. Furthermore, you are supported getting into touch with the police and the respective authorities if you wish to do so. In addition, the RAA office can provide psychological support if needed. At the RAA office, you will meet people who will listen to your problems. The institution focuses on finding solutions according to your needs and convenience.

You are also welcome to approach the staff of the Culture Office in the ‘Akademische Auslandsamt’ of the TU Dresden. It is also important for the university to know of such assaults so that action can be taken against racism. Another person you can seek advice from is the representative responsible for integration of foreigners at TU Dresden.

An overview of the most important contacts:

If you are victim or witness of racially or xenophobically motivated discrminiation or insults, you can call the Anti-racist Telephone.


Phone: (0351) 463 32362
Monday:     1 pm to 4 pm

Tuesday:     9 am to 12 pm
Thursday:   9 am to 12 pm


RAA Sachsen e.V. – Victim Consultation

Bautzner Straße 45
01099 Dresden
Tel.:     0351 / 88 94 174
Cell: 0172 / 97 41 268
Mail an opferberatung.dresden@raa-sachsen.deopferberatung.dresden@raa-sachsen.de

Representative for integration of foreigners at TU Dresden - Prof. Dr. phil. Christian Prunitsch

Contact: http://tu-dresden.de/internationales/isc/info 

List of representatives for integration of foreigners at TU Dresden
Liste der Auslaenderbeauftragten der Fakultäten 

Police Dresden
Polizeidirektion Dresden
Schießgasse 7
01067 Dresden
Tel.:    0351 / 4 83 0

Kulturbüro Sachsen e.V.
Bautzner Strasse 45
01099 Dresden
Telefon: 0351 - 272 14 90
Fax: 0351 - 563 40 898


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Akademisches Auslandsamt
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Strehlener Str. 22, 6th floor
01069 Dresden

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