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The Tutor programme

The Student Tutor Network organised by the International Office

"Tutor programme" means that students (= tutors) help foreign students and applicants. There is at least one tutor per department. Tutors are there for both degree students (TU Dresden degrees) and non-degree or guest students (who are studying in Dresden for one or two semesters). 

This tutor programme aims to support foreign students during and before their studies, most importantly at the beginning, no matter if you start in the first semester at TU Dresden, or at a more advanced level.

The Tutor programme is based on three central ideas

  1.  "Helping you help yourself". The idea is to enable students to organise affairs on their own initiative, which is essential to a successful course of study at the TU Dresden.
  2.  "There is no need to reinvent the wheel!". Therefore, existing resources available both inside and outside the university are to be used and further connected.
  3. "Students help students". This is why we mostly rely on student tutors, some of whom are foreigners, too. 

From March 2004 through the summer semester 2014, more than 8000 foreign students and applicants have benefited from this network of student tutors.

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