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Welcome to the web self-service for students of TU Dresden!

TU Dresden has expanded its service offerings as regards the administration of student records and examinations.

TU web self-service offers you the following functions:

  • registration for and withdrawal from examinations
  • registered examinations (review screen, HTML)
  • record of grades (HTML)
  • record of grades (pdf)
  • changes of your postal address and phone number
  • certificates of study

Important information:

  • Do not use the back button of your browser.
  • Upon exiting the HISQIS system, clear the history of your Internet browser.
  • Change your password immediately after you first registered.

Terms and conditions of using the HISQIS system for students of Technische Universität Dresden:

  • The HISQIS system is operated for students at TU Dresden as a pilot project and with reservations.
  • Using the system is noncompulsory and at users’ own risk. The Technische Universität Dresden is not liable for any damage or consequences resulting from the direct or indirect use of the contents offered on the webpage.
    The personally identifiable information (PII) processed in this project serve the sole purpose of organising examinations and providing information. The PII will be used only for the above mentioned purposes and will not be shared with third parties.
  • Using the activities offered and also the automatic disclosure of PII are not legally binding. In particular, registrations for and withdrawals from examinations become legally binding only upon the submission of signed and dated printed forms in your examination office, unless your faculty and/or examination office made other provisions. In any case, you are obliged to check if your registrations and/or withdrawals were performed correctly. If you discover any discrepancies, please contact your examination office immediately.
    The online grade reports are purely informational, in particular we are not obliged to constantly update the calculated grade.
  • You can be sure that we took all state-of-the-art technical and organisational steps to protect your personal information. For example, we deploy a secure data transfer system. We refer specifically to the fact that despite these measures we cannot completely rule out that unauthorised persons may access or even falsify data. It goes without saying that all users are as well responsible for reading and employing the information on data protection. Therefore, in your own interest, please guard your login/password against misuse and your data from unwanted access. The online help provides technical and organisational information for the users of this system.

By following the relevant link and registering for the first time into the system it is implied that you accept the terms and conditions outlined earlier.


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Author: Annette Lipsz