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Tutorials, Tools, Downloads

Most downloads below use the R software and you may ask why...

Several years we were working with different systems and languages like Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Delphi, JAVA, C/C++, Spreadsheets, Simulation Dynamics tools etc. Now we do most things in R and some time critical parts in C/C++ or Fortran. Why? R was simply more efficient for our purpose: easy programming, fast enough, packages for "almost everything", nice graphics, supports writing up research. Important was also, that the R community agreed to write publications for communication and getting scientific credit. We still use other software, but only with R we felt it worth to make our tools publicly available.

Differential Equation Solvers

  • Package deSolve (Soetaert, Petzoldt, Setzer), the main workhorse for initial value problems of differential equations in R.

Packages for Analysis of the Model Output and Confronting Models with Data


Object Oriented Implementation of Dynamic Models

  • R Package simecol (Petzoldt) implements an "object model of models", applicable to ODE/PDEs, IBM/ABMs and cellular automata


Specific packages for Aquatic Sciences

  • R package growthrates for fitting population growth models to experimental data
    • Download and documentation on Github


Other Tutorials and Examples about Modeling and Statistics with R

  • Collection of statistical example solutions for ecological questions:
  • Tutorial about ecological modelling with R  modlim.pdf (in German, "Konstruktion ökologischer Modelle mit R")
  • Short Guide: Pragmatic Rules for Databases [html] (by Ursula Gaedke, Katrin Tirok and Thomas Petzoldt)
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