MSC Programme: Advanced Computational and Civil Engineering Structural Studies (ACCESS)

The Faculty of Civil Engineering at Technische Universität Dresden offers an international MSc programme in the field of computational and advanced civil engineering. The programme is taught in English and addresses a broad international community. The expertise of the Faculty with a strong emphasis on numerical methods and a large field of research topics in engineering is associated to a wide national and international research network.

The goal of the programme is to impart knowledge leading to research competence and to high level engineering skills based on an individual choice of modules by the participants. Moreover, the programme is intended to provide a close individual supervision of the participants by the teaching staff in order to achieve highest goals most efficiently.

ACCESS seeks to facilitate the development of a strong knowledge base in the field of computational mechanics and structural analysis, working collaboratively with advanced civil engineering design. Technical innovations for challenging engineering tasks rely heavily on numerical simulation tools. Therefore, the goal of the programme is to provide the skills for understanding, modelling and analysis of these approaches in the broader context of application and design by focus on:

  • state-of-the-art computational mechanics
  • current numerical structural analysis
  • research in structural modelling and analysis
  • current developments in civil engineering design
  • advanced construction methods 

Engineers with a strong computational background are in high demand in international companies, consultant agencies, engineering offices, construction enterprises and research.

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