76th UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Short Course on Environmental Management for Developing Countries - Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency (SC76)

Duration: 14 November - 07 December 2018
The application period for this course has passed.

Sustainable Development Goals © UN Sustainable Development Goals © UN
Sustainable Development Goals

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Nowadays, one in five people still lack access to modern electricity. Taking population and economic growth rates into consideration, world energy demand will rise by an estimated two thirds in the next three decades. Thereby, the energy sector accounts for 60% of the man-made green-house effect. Hence, any serious action program to combat climate change has to attend to measures leading to improved energy efficiency as well as to expansion of renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, biomass, geothermal power and hydropower. The course will focus on renewable energy technologies, their implementation and impact on the environment. Engineering as well as social, economic and legal aspects will be covered. Site visits to hands-on examples will demonstrate the potential and feasibility, but also the bottlenecks towards a sustainable energy supply based on “renewables”.

Sustainable Development Goals © UN Sustainable Development Goals © UN
Sustainable Development Goals

© UN


After the course participants have acquired professional skills and knowledge on assessing the energy demand and supply situation in their countries. They will be able to actively contribute to the drafting of appropriate national energy strategies, taking the renewable energy potential of their countries into account.

Target Groups

The course will be most beneficial to specialists at upper managerial level with a profound professional experience in energy management, infrastructure development, public utilities as well as the power industry. The nomination by the delegating institution is a mandatory prerequisite.


Our International Steering Committee selects the 21 participants of this course by August 2018. Participants stay in our comfortable private studio apartments and receive a stipend to cover basic living expenses. Flights, health insurance etc. will be provided. Our course office provides further manifold assistance. Participants successfully completing this course will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Our info leaflet with the 2018/2019 course program is available for downloading.

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