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  • Oct 21, 2016

    Achtung, Einmalige Verlegung der Lehrveranstaltung "Einführung in die Verkehrswirtschaft"

    Die Vorlesung "

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  • Oct 17, 2016

    Vortrag von Herrn Huber (Vorstand Verkehr und Transport, DB AG)

    Am 12.01.2017 spricht Herr Huber (Vorstand Verkehr und Transport, DB AG) im Rahmen des "Bahnsystemkolloquium" im Wintersemester zum Thema "Die Zukunft der Eisenbahn in Deutschland".

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  • Oct 07, 2016

    Einführungsveranstaltung "Wissenschaftliches und praktisches Arbeiten"

    Die Einführungsveranstaltung findet am Mi, 12.10.16, in der 2. DS (9:20 - 10:50 Uhr) im GER/50/U statt.

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The subject of research and teaching at the chair

Discussions about transportation policy today center on the proper division of labour between the state and the private sector in the provision of transportation services and transportation infrastructure. Where do markets work properly on their own and where is regulation necessary to increase social welfare? These main questions are at the center of research and teaching at the Chair of Transportation Economics and International Transport Policy.

The chair mainly practices fundamental research covering research questions in the flied of transport economics and transportation policy. In some cases applied research in cooperation with external partners is practiced. Further information on research projects and publications can be found at the section Research.

The Chair holder, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wieland is also leading co-editor of the journal Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft.

The students in the field of transportation economics and policy will become acquainted with the most important theoretical and empirical approaches to solve problems of transportation policy. They will learn to submit the current discussions and policy proposals to a critical analysis.

Further information on the majors “State and market in Transportation” and “Transportation Policy” within the Bachelor's and Master's program in Transport Economics can be found in the respective study regulation. For additional information please view the section Studies.

The chair dearly cares about keeping in touch with its alumni. To stay in contact with your former fellow students and chair as well as to find out about upcoming events, please view the section Alumni.




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