Ehemalige Mitarbeiter und Doktoranden

Prof. Dr. Anne Neumann   "Reforms of international markets for natural gas" (2007)
Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen Lehrstuhlinhaber
(von WS04/05 - bis WS08/09)
Prof. Dr. Hannes Weigt   "Modeling Competition and Investment in Liberalized Electricity Markets" (2009)
Dr. Borge Hess   Efficiency and Restructuring in Regulated Energy Networks: Evidence from Germany and the US (2009)
Dr. Florian Leuthold Lehrbeauftragter für Risikomanagement (bis 2014) Economic Engineering Modeling of Liberalized Electricity Markets: Approaches, Algorithms, and Applications in a European Context (2010)
Dr. Friedrich Kunz   Managing Congestion and Intermittent Renewable Generation in Liberalized Electricity Markets(2013)
Dr. Georg Zachmann   Empirical Evidence for Inefficiencies in European Electricity Markets - Market Power and Barriers to Cross-Border Trade? (2009)
Dr. Jan Abrell   Transport under Emission Trading - A Computable General Equilibrium Assessment (2010)
Dr. Maria Nieswand   Efficiency Analysis in Public Service Provision: Addressing Characteristics and Specificities Related to the Public Sector and Regulation (2012)
Dr. Matthias Walter   Efficiency and Competition in Public Transport (2010)
Dr. Michael Zschille   Firm Performance and Industry Structure: Nonparametric Efficiency Analysis in the Water Sector (2014)
Dr. Sophia Rüster   Vertical Structures in the Global Liquefied Natural Gas Market: Empirical Analyses Based on Recent Developments in Transaction Cost Economics (2010)
Dr. Till Jeske    
  Johannes Herold    
  Jürgen Apfelbeck    
  Marlen Görner    
Dr.  Stephan Perras   Electricity transmission line planning: Success factors for transmission system operators to reduce public opposition(2015)
Dr. Christoph Kost    
Dr.  Alexander von Selasinsky    
Dr. Daniel Schubert    
  David Gunkel    
  Theresa Ladwig    
Dr. Fabian Hinz    


  Amin Masoumzadeh
Dr. Astrid Cullmann
Dr. Bharat Singh Rajpurohit
Dr. Franziska Holz
Dr. Juan Rosellon
Dr. Ming Qi

Ehemalige wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte

Anne Kaiser
Marika Geißler
Vera Schippers
Mandy Bauer

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