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Biomolecular Synthesis Facility

The Biomolecular Synthesis Facility provides high quality peptides services ranging from biomolecular synthesis and modifications to high throughput peptide array synthesis (SPOT method) for libraries.
Syntheses for the medicinal chemical field and resynthesis of compounds are also offered.

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Dr. Petra Lennig

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If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us.

How to become a user:

If you are interested in using the biomolecular synthesis service, please follow the necessary steps:

  • Contact the facility and describe the intended project (consultation). Please note that the facility does not only provide standardized services but also allows for personalised requests.
  • The facility will then provide information on feasibility, time line and costs of the project (offer).
  • Your project will be carried out according to the offer (realisation).
  • An invoice will be issued by CMCB (billing).