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Lab: Concurrent and Distributed Systems

The design and implementation of concurrent or distributed systems is a notoriously difficult development process. This lab should give students the opportunity to gain experience by applying the theory learned in related lectures in practice. While the inherent goal of the lab is to find a scalable solution for the given task, teams of students have the freedom to choose their favorite programming language, model, libraries and tools.

Related Courses: The foundations of concurrent and distributed systems are presented in-depth in the corresponding lecture.


Schedule and Location Introductory session: Friday April 29th, 11:10am - 12:40pm, INF/3105
People Moderators: Dmitrii Kuvaiskii, Frank Busse
Language English
Hours per week -/-/4 or -/-/2 SWS
Registration not required
Course of Study Distributed Systems Engineering Informatik & Informations­systemtechnik Medien­informatik Master & Diplom Informatik Master Medien­informatik
Module DSE-Int Internship INF-04-FG-AVS or INF-04-KP Komplex­praktikum MINF-04-KP-FG4 Entwicklungs­methoden und Werkzeuge INF-MA-PR Master-Praktikum INF-E-4 Master-Praktikum

Important Notes

  • Some student solutions from the CDS lab might be used for our research. The usage will always be anonymous, no private data of students will be exposed within our research. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Tasks and material for the lab

Please use the auditorium for discussing questions related to the course. The tutors will help with answers.


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