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Center of Competence for Media in Teaching and Research


Being a service partner of teaching at TU Dresden, we create a media infrastructure, which is capable of meeting the demands of our digital era so that teachers and students have the best possible conditions to work with. No matter whether we support the development and implementation of multimedia applications for learning and teaching in Higher and Further Education or whether we provide media applications for research, publication and public relations in close collaboration with all faculties and institutions – the Media Center has a convincingly sophisticated profile of competences.

Media Production and Media Design
Services for Lecturers and Scientists
Technologies and Systems
Digital Development in Research and Teaching






As a center of research we analyze, test and evaluate scenarios of media implementation in teaching and science. Thus, our services are based on current research findings. In cooperation with local, national and European partners, we design and support many innovative research and development projects.  

No matter what you are planning – the Media Center is the competent partner for your projects.

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