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password confirmation

All user accounts which have been opened before 27th November 2012 by the ZIH have been automatically migrated to the new IDM system. As a new password policy has been activated at the same time, each user has to confirm the current password of his or her ZIH accounts.
The password has to be confirmed by entering login and password on the Password Portal, which can be accessed via the first link “to the password confirmation” on the IDM-Portal https://idm-service.tu-dresden.de
Once the existing password is confirmed it will be checked for compliance with the new password policy. If the password does not meet the requirements, it will have to be changed. 


The password-confirmation needs the activation of JavaScript!

If you have not activated JavaScript, you will see a white website after confirmation. Please ignore. The confirmation should successfully done. You can check it with registration via the 2.link at the website above. If it is running correctly, all is right.
(A second try of confirmation show the message, that login/password are wrong. Please ignore.)

The new password-policy includes following rules:

  • The new password must consist of between 9 and 127 characters
  • It must include at least one character from each of the following groups:
    • a - z
    • A - Z
    • 0 - 9
    • ! $ % / ( ) = ? [ ] { } + # < > , ; : . - _
  • Other characters, including ‘Space’, are not allowed.

All logins have to be confirmed by 15th April 2013. After the deadline, all unconfirmed logins will be disabled.
If a user has several accounts opened before 27th November 2012, each one has to be confirmed separately. This rule also applies to functional user accounts.
The use of unconfirmed logins, however, could also be restricted within the deadline. For this reason, the prompt confirmation of the password is particularly important for users who:

  • would like to use the virtual platform OPAL
  • would like to use the high performance computers at ZIH
  • would like to use the self-service of the IDM systemn
  • would like to use a different central IT service of the TU Dresden for the first time


If problems occur with the ZIH user accounts, please contact the service desk from Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm under 31666 or e-mail to servicedesk@tu-dresden.de.
Following information will help us analyze your problem faster:

  • Login name (without password)
  • Which system did you try to log on?
    (z.B. Webmail, Exchange, Login-Server, high performance computer Mars, …)
  • What time did you try to log on?
  • Contact details (E-Mail address or/and phone number)
Last modified: 19.04.2013 13:26
Author: Karin Schingnitz



Service Desk:
      Nöthnitzer Str. 46
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Mo - Fr 08:00-19:00
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Announcement of Troubles:
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email iconservicedesk@tu-dresden.de
Room: Willers-Bau A 207
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