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Web-based VPN

Additional to to the VPN Service the ZIH provides protected access to the TUD network via a web-based VPN (WebVPN). Numerous web-based features within the TUD intranet and the SLUB (e.g. electronic magazines) are only released for PCs within the TUD IP-address area. Services can now be easily and securly be accessed from outside the TUD with the help of WebVPN. Therefor WebVPN provides an encrypted and authenticated communication via SSL/TLS.

In contrast to the VPN service, WebVPN is a purely browser-based solution, which means the communication is just protected in the browser. WebVPN is also interesting for mobile devices, because tey don't support normal VPN clients.

WebVPN is accessible at https://webvpn.zih.tu-dresden.de

Cookies and JavaScript have to be enabled. You need a ZIH login to use WebVPN. The accoirding login data have to be entered in the WebVPN form. Please use WebVPN as the group.

After successful login, the TUD start page will be opened with the followig menu.

You can type in a URL now and the regarding web page will be loaded within the WebVPN. With a click on Web Applications you'll get a list of bookmarks.

The icons in the menu bar have the following meanings:

The menu bar can be shifted to the left or the right.

Open a window to entry a URL.

Go back to the WebVPN start page. (TU Dresden main page).

Bease use this icon to clode the WebVPN connection correctly.

Please mind: according certificates have to be accepted automatically by the WebVPN-gGateway when SSL-protected web sites are called.

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