Members of 2nd Council

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Member of the 2nd Council (2016-2017)

Ana Blanco Ana Blanco

(C) Martin Richter

Ana Blanco

(C) Martin Richter

Ana Maria Blanco Castaneda

Research fellow - Institute of Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering

"I would like to join the PhD council one more year to contribute with the different activities and projects, and to make the council stronger for all PhD students. During the last year I supported and organized some of the activities of the PhD council, like the Science Slam and the 1st PhD party, and I met a lot of wonderful people and I learned a lot of things that I believe are useful to continue improving the situation of PhD students. My goal is to continue supporting the council with the different activities, but I mostly want to share my experiences with the new council members to make the council stronger and giving continuity to the work made before."

Siavash Ghiasvand

Siavash Ghiasvand

Research fellow - Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH)

"One year passed and I learned a lot. During the past year we together established the PhD council of GA and hosted several amazing events (e.g. ScienceSlam, PhD Party). To achieve this goal we -the members if the council- experienced many interesting experiences together, which I will never forget. Now, that the first year comes to its end and the one year old PhD council is well recognized, is the time to realize lots of ideas which we had in our mind but there was no time and possibility to make them happen. Therefore I would like to continue my membership of the PhD council for another year. When we work together, impossible is impossible."

Chris Koschenz

Chris Koschenz

Resarch fellow - Institute of Theoretical Physics

"In our first period we have established the PhD Council (GA) as an organization on it's way to represent the PhD students of TU Dresden. We have a seat in the senat, we are part of the network of PhD councils of other universities in our region, we have made our first important steps bringing PhD students together and give them a voice and represent their needs. We have started to influence administration and committees to recognize PhD students as an important group and do more to support them.
The next topics I want to focus are bringing together PhDs of all the different fields to get connected and support each other, raise awareness in public for the decreasing quality of life of young scientists because of nationalistic tendencies in Dresden and the damage for this area as a high quality science location, as well as empower the university administration on its way to strongly enhance its support of its PhD students.
I would be glad to be reelected as a member of the next PhD council, so I can keep moving a long this great way with the PhD Council."

Babatunde Osunmadewa

Babatunde Osunmadewa

PhD Student - Faculty of Environmental Science

"Excellence is the product of continous investment, which eventually  
yeild the seed of sustainability in the future"

Mario Alejandro Garcia

Mario Alejandro Garcia Tzintzun

Research fellow - Institute for Structural Analysis

After one year of hard work in this Council, I have nothing but really nice memories. I have gained a lot of experience and even improved my German. Our achievements wouldn’t be possible with all the support from the members of the Council and friends, and now that this term is coming to its end, I would like to continue as a member of the new Council. We still have many ideas that we were not able to develop, but with your support we can make it happen.


Franziska Onken

Research fellow - Institut für Theoretische Physik

"By now I am one year in my PhD project "Chaotic transport in 4D maps". During my studies in Dresden I was constantly part of the student representatives and hope to be of some help also to the PhD representation. I think it is very important to establish the PhD students as an own group besides students, staff, and professors in the boards on all levels. This would help a lot to improve conditions for doing a PhD in Dresden."

Olga Olga

(C) Rengin Cabadag


(C) Rengin Cabadag

Olga Zyabkina 

Research fellow - Institute of Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering

"My name is Olga Zyabkina. I'm a PhD student at the Institute of Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering. The idea behind my intention is a wish to help the PhD Council of TUD to grow in strong organization which can support PhD students. I'm as one of PhD students feel the need of the hand next to us which can lead and support us over this important period of our life."

Sophia Sophia

(C) Robert Lohse


(C) Robert Lohse

Sophia Barbara Bittner-Zähr

Research fellow - Faculty of Business and Economics 

"As part of my work in the GA- Doctoral Convention it’s important for me to build upon successful activities of the previous Convention. Therefore I want to engage particularly for the function of the PhD-Council as a focal point for graduate students of the TUD and networking with doctoral representatives of other universities."


Sabine Apelt 

Reseach fellow - Institute of Materials Science

"A few sentences for my cadidature:
- I like to collect and share any useful information about how to earn your PhD at TU Dresden
- Family or PhD? Why not both by further improving the "familienpolitische Komponente"


Svitlana Vyshnevska 

PhD Student - Fakultät Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften 

"Die Teilnahme am Doktorandenkonvent der TU Dresden ist für mich wichtig, weil ich:

  • bereit bin, begeistert und tatkräftig an der Verbesserung des Promotionsverfahrens an der TU Dresden zu arbeiten,
  • meine Fakultät für Sprach-,  Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften vertreten möchte (Anliegen der SLK-Fakultät und der Promovierenden),
  • den Alltag von DoktorandInnen vielfältig gestalten und  verschiedene Veranstaltungen und Aktivitäten organisieren möchte."

Egor Secrieru 

Research fellow - Institute of Construction Materials

"The Graduate Academy has continuously supported my PhD studies. Now is the time to share the acquired experiences with the others. As a member of the Doktorandenkonvent, I want to get involved in the further development of the network of doctoral students and provide them with advice and assistance. I look forward to this opportunity to use my skills and contribute to the success of the organization.“

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