Time and Self-Management for Doctoral Candidates

Format: 2-day workshop
Target Audience: Doctoral candidates
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Markus Gyger
Date: Tuesday, 07.02.2017, 09.00-17.00
  Wednesday, 08.02.2017, 09.00-16.00
Location: Seminar room, Graduate Academy, Mommsenstraße 7

As a doctoral candidate, you see yourself confronted with high expectations from both yourself and your supervisor. To achieve a fine balance between these demands without endangering your health or your private life, self-organization and a good time management are crucial. During the workshop, you will learn approaches and methods to help you succeed in this challenging endeavor. The workshop consists of a balanced combination of theoretical input, practical exercises and first-hand experience relayed by the trainer.

You will learn:

  • To develop appropriate objectives and to divide complex tasks into manageable units;
  • To set priorities and focus on key tasks;
  • To monitor the progress of your work and to control your achievement of objectives;
  • To identify ‚time sinks‘ and to organize your work-flow in a productive way.

With your registration you are required to accept the terms and conditions for participation.

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