From the liberal-humanist subject to discursive subject positions: An analysis of Malcolm Bradbury’s works of fiction in terms of identity and subjectivity

Stephanie Mein

The aim of this project is to analyze Malcolm Bradbury’s works of fiction from a constructivist perspective as well as in terms of identity and subjectivity (theories). The main focus is on the development in Malcolm Bradbury’s writing and, closely connected, on the increasing frictions and contradictions in form and content. Using poststructuralist and deconstructionist approaches, the study sets out to illustrate that liberal humanism is in fact present in all of his works, but that it operates on different fictional levels. Especially in Bradbury’s later works, it ultimately becomes clear that liberal humanism inevitably has to run aground, particularly regarding identity and subjectivity (construction). Furthermore, the idea is put forward that Bradbury’s works of fiction can be read as gradual manifestations of a ʽpresence of absenceʼ by means of which the transition from a liberal humanist unity and essence to structures of an aporia-bound (non-)identity is made.

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