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Lab for Social Network Research

Social network analysis covers an enormous field of different applications. This field is spanned first by the size of the networks to be investigated: From Simmels "Third" in a set of only three nodes to the structure of Online Social Networks. But the field becomes even more complex with the question what the nodes and the links in a network might represent: Be it schoolchildren and their friendships in a class setting, the financial interlocking of global business cooperations or the positional closeness of words that appear in the same document.

From a methodological point of view, a network can be everything that can, in a meaningful way, be reduced to a structure of nodes and links. And from this perspective, methods to analyze such networks are interchangeable.

This is the focus here and it is the aim of this lab to bring together researchers from different disciplines who apply such methods and to provide assistance to include social network analysis methods into further research approaches.

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