22.01.2018; Kolloquium

Dresdner Automatisierungs­technische Kolloquien

13:00 - 14:30 Uhr
Konferenzraum des Fraunhofer IVI Dresden
Zeunerstraße 38, Dresden

Prof. Claudio Melchiorri, DEI, Dept. of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering,
University of Bologna, Italien

Thema: Robot Hands: Design Aspects and Control Problems

A key feature of modern robotic system is the possibility to interact with the surrounding environment reproducing the human capabilities to grasp and manipulate objects and tools of diversified shape and dimension. For this reason, the design of articulated robot hands has always been a very important research field since the early stage of robotics, with significant developments in terms of kinematic design, sensor and actuation system, control.

In the talk, these aspects will be discussed with reference to a number of robot hands developed in the last 30 years of research activity at LAR, the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics of the University of Bologna. In particular, some recent prototypes will be presented both from the mechanical and control side, discussing their most innovative features.

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