Master- und Diplomarbeit

Master or Diploma Theses:

Several topics ,in the field of group research interests, are available and will be updated in a regular basis. Interested candidates please contact any of the research scholars (PI, research scientist, or PhD candidates) to get access to the topics


  • Md Nizamul Islam 
    title: Design and Simulation of Ring Resonator structures
  • Ali khojaste


  •  Shahryar Sabouri
    title: Desing and optimiziation of the grating coupler for photonic phased array antenna 
    Feb. 2017
  •  Mircea Cantanue
    title: High speed silicon photodetectors for visible light communications
    Feb. 2017
  •  S. Shamsul Arefin 
    title: Study of Ring Resonator’s Coupling and Loss Coeffcient in Modulator Applications.
    Sep. 2016

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