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Application Documents

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Admission Procedure


The following prerequisites apply as stated in the Eignungsfeststellungsordnung:

  • First university degree qualifying for professional activity in Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Economics or Engineering (B.Sc. or higher, including M.Sc., German Diplom, B.Hons., etc.)
  • Knowledge of English corresponding to at least level B2 of the European Frame of Reference for Language
  • Proficiency in computer programming in (at least one) sequential programming language
  • Calculus of functions in one and multiple variables (partial derivatives, integrals, etc.)
  • Basics of linear algebra (matrix and vector operations, matrix inversion, decomposition)
  • Basics of probability (distributions, elementary probabilities, axioms)
  • Basics of physics (classical mechanics, basic electromagnetism, optics)
  • Basics of biology (components of a cell, theory of evolution, ecosystems)
  • Basics of chemistry (atoms, periodic table, organic molecules (proteins, DNA, ...))

The CMS program focuses on teaching the computer science and mathematics foundations of modeling and simulation and assumes familiarity with the above basics of the respective disciplines. It also helps, but is not required, if you have completed lectures on one or several of the following topics:

  • Parallel Programming / High-Performance Computing
  • Numerical Methods / Numerical Algorithms / Numerical Analysis
  • Stochastics / Probability / Stochastic Algorithms
  • Visualization / Computer Graphics / Rendering Methods
  • Statistics / Experimental Design / Inference Methods
  • Machine Learning / Data Mining / Artificial Intelligence

Application Deadlines

  • For (prospective) degree holders from non-German institutions of higher education   

1 April - 31 May: non-EU-nationals

1 April - 15 July: German or EU-nationals

  • For all other applicants

1 June - 15 July: (prospective) graduates from TU Dresden or other German institutions of higher education

1 April - 15 July: Applicants who received already an admission to a previous CMS-course

Application Documents

1. Applicants with a non-German degree must apply via "uniassist" (see below) and submit the following documents:

  • Printed and signed application form for assessment of aptitude and admission application form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate / Intermediate Examination Certificate
  • Reports on university examinations (transcripts) and final  graduation documents. If the first university degree is not yet finished: Certificate in English / German language issued by the home university (with original signature or authenticated copy) regarding the estimated end of studies and confirmation that at least 80% of the Bachelor degree program has been completed, incl. the current average grade (for a 4-year degree: 7 completed semesters / for a 3-year degree: 5 completed semesters)
  • English language certificate  (knowledge of English corresponding to at least level B2 of the European Frame of Reference for Languages is requested)
  • For Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese students only: The original APS certificate

All certificates and degree documents must be submitted as originally authenticated copies. The officially authenticated translation (German or English) must be attached. 

2. Applicants with a German degree must register via the TUD online portal:

Applicants with a German degree must register in the TUD online portal (see below), print out and sign the application form (each pages!). The form must be sent along with the above-mentioned documents (see subject 1) by email to: Chair of the Access Committee, cms-admin[AT] and by mail to: TU Dresden, Fakultät Informatik, Institut für Künstliche Intelligenz, CMS-ADMIN, Frau Wünsch, 01062 Dresden. The documents must be originals or certified copies (except the "Abiturzeugnis").

Important: Please mention the track-name you apply for in the subject line of your email!

Application Portals

Nationality Degree from Apply to
All non-German institutions of higher education uniassist
All any German institutions of higher education TUD online Portal
Applicants who received an admission previously
(repeat application)
non German or German institutions of higher education

TUD online Portal

 Admission Procedure

Complete applications will be evaluated by the Admission Committee. Afterwards, the applicants will be informed on the acceptance /rejection of the application by email.
Additionally, international students will receive an email from the TUD International Office informing on the availability of the official admission letter ("Zulassungsbescheid"). This letter is provided by the TUD online portal and important for the application for a student visa to the German Embassy of the student's home country.

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