Admission to the DSE Program

We encourage all designated students to apply to the International Master's Program in Distributed Systems Engineering. The intention of this page is to give you guidance during the admission procedure. Please read all information carefully before you submit your application.

Five steps for a successful DSE application:

  • Fulfill the prerequisites
    Make sure that you fulfill all prerequisites. This will already allow to identify if you are a candidate with realistic chances to enter the program.

  • Collect required documents
    Collect all required documents for the application. Please note that issuing some documents might take time, so start requesting the documents early. It is also possible to send us some documents later.

  • Submit your application
    When you are finished preparing your application, then it is time to submit it. There are two ways to submit your application. Please follow the link to find the instructions either for (prospective) graduates from non-German institutions of higher education or (prospective) graduates from TU Dresden or other German institutions of higher education and repeat applicants .

  • Comply with the deadline
    The deadline for filing application for applicants with non-EU nationality with a bachelor's degree from a non-German institution is May 31st 2018. For applicants from Germany and other EU member countries and for applicants with a German university degree the deadline for filing the application is July 15th 2018. Send your complete application as soon as possible. We can only consider applications recieved before the deadline. Please note that only complete applications will be processed by the course examination board.

  • Await the confirmation letter
    If your application is accepted, the course examination board will send you a confirmation letter, stating that you are accepted for the master's program. Simultaneously, we will send your papers to the International Office that will make sure that all requirements for entrance to our university are met. If this is the case, you will receive a letter from the TUD International Office with a certificate called "Zulassungsbescheid". This letter should be used to apply for your student visa at the German Embassy of your home country. (You are not allowed to study with a tourist visa!)

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