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Responding to the objectives of the European Nuclear safety Technology community on the education and research topics connected with nuclear reactor dynamics, a powerful European university research group was established to enhance the research and education efficiency in this field. These activities are in line with the so-called “fifth freedom” in the EU global policy, the free movement of knowledge. Reactor dynamics activities are of primary importance for nuclear engineering education. In the framework of this network collaboration advanced numerical simulation techniques are applied (in complex system codes for non-stationary NPP analyses), as well as advanced reduced order models (ROM’s) which are very helpful to understand the physics of the stability behavior of nuclear power reactors. A strengthened knowledge of the dynamical behavior of nuclear reactors (of all reactor types) is fundamental for the safe design of new innovative reactors including in particular, the next-generation (GIII/III+) BWR reactor and G-IV SCWR. 


  • To create a Research Network on Reactor Dynamics (in the first step: Boiling Water Reactor Dynamics and Stability).
  • To promote collaboration and synergies among the most active researchers in this area.
  • To facilitate the dissemination, transfer and use of the advanced knowledge acquired through their corresponding nationally financed programmes.
  • To ensure the coordination of future actions to avoid the problems discussed.
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