International Program

We have established a new and exciting program called Carus Campus for medical and other students, employees, Postdocs, PhDs and also any other interested people. The aim is to encourage an integrative and international campus life. We offer many great possibilities.

TU Dresden Welcome Center © Claudia Reichert/Welcome Center TUD TU Dresden Welcome Center © Claudia Reichert/Welcome Center TUD
TU Dresden Welcome Center

© Claudia Reichert/Welcome Center TUD

We have a cooperation with the Welcome Center which services are aimed at internationally mobile visiting researchers and PhD students at the Technische Universität Dresden and its partner institutions in DRESDEN concept who are staying for more than three months. The Welcome Center counsels, informs and supports you in planning your visit to Dresden, both in advance and during the visit, in order to facilitate your arrival and your acclimatisation. We are available as a service provider for the host in the formal welcoming and social integration of new staff members from abroad.

German Course: Beginners Level II

Unfortunately we don't offer a german course at the moment. If you are interested in the Carus Campus German Courses please let us know:

Sports Program

We offer a range of exciting sport courses like yoga, pilates, volleyball, basketball, ... in cooperation with the Universitätssportzentrum.The registration for the courses starts at the begin of every semester. You must have a Carus Campus Card to take advantage of our sports program. Card-holders can join sports courses on the campus of the medical faculty. Each individual sports course requires an additional fee (We offer a student discount). When you receive your carus campus card you will get a password to register for the courses.

We offer gym training in the "Ambulante Reha-Centrum".

Time Place Price Information
Opening hours: monday - thursday 7:00 am - 20:00 pm, friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, saturday 8:00 am - 11:00 am. Fiedlerstraße 34, 01307 Dresden 25.00 euros/month (membership one semester, automatically terminated, you must have a carus campus card additionally) Training is possible 2 x 2 hours/week including training plan and showers.

Carus Childcare Service

We offer a childcare system. You must have a Carus Campus card to take advantage of our childcare system.

Every registrated person has 5 hours of care per month free. After that you can pay the babysitter directly for additional hours (a general time limit applies). Parents can arrange the dates themselves with the babysitter service. The babysitter will take care of children close to the MTZ, CRTD, etc. in house 105 room number 354. Alternative locations are possible on request. Click here to see pictures of house 105.


"Unikino am Klinikum" offers a film program (german with english subtitles).

Where? When? Price Information
MTZ HS 02 8.00 pm 2.30 euros (first time), 2.00 euros

You get one free drink with your Carus Campus card as well as the semester fee of 0.30 euros.


Sponsoring & Partners

We have many discount offers from our partners.

Church and Prayer

Time Place Information
Anglican Evening Prayer: every first Sunday of a month Seelsorgezentrum, house 50, "Raum der Stille"

mixed-denominational, everyone brings something for dinner (vegetarian)


International Women "Discovery Project“

  • in cooperation with students in schools, mondays 10 - 13
  • for German language practicing meetings and exercises, mondays 13:30 - 15, thursdays 17 -18:30
  • registration:

Other programs and working groups

  • Faculty bigband "The Bigband Therapy"
  • Symphony Orchestra "Medicanti"
  • Working groups of the medical faculty

If you are interested in another program, please contact us.

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