EncaBcillus: It’s a Trap!” - Präsentation des iGEM-Teams der TU Dresden

17:00 Uhr
Andreas Schubert-Bau, HS 28
Zellescher Weg 19, 01217 Dresden

Teilnehmer des iGEM-Teams der TU Dresden

Synthetic biology wants to go beyond the pure biological by integrating concepts from chemistry or physics into the living world. At this interphase, our project wants to introduce Peptidosomes as a new fundamental approach for generating and applying encapsulated bacteria. These spheres possess advantageous properties like stability in different media and a mesh-like structure that allows for the selective exchange of compounds via diffusion. Therefore, we are able to benefit from the entrapped cells’ abilities, while ensuring that they are not released into their surroundings. Using the powerful genetics of Bacillus subtilis and its secretory capabilities we demonstrate communication and cooperation between separately encapsulated bacterial populations as well as the environment. Peptidosomes can be further enhanced by incorporating magnetic or biological beads – which can be functionalized with proteins – into their peptide-based shell. With this unique setup, we provide a whole new universe of applications to the iGEM community.

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Annett Schneider
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