lectures in the winterterm 2008/09

lectures in the winterterm 2008/09

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practical courses

systematics and biology of animals

animal geography

general parasitology

wildly-animal biology and parasitology

histology of parasites in tissues

Regulation exercises

lecture: "biology of animals"

Prof. Dr. Rolf Entzeroth
wednesdays, 07.30h - 09.00h, ASB 28 H

The lecture gives a systematic overview of the phyla of animals from protists to the vertebrates. The evolutionary trends as well as the biology (Occurrence, way of life) of the animals is presented.

Literatur (Auswahl):

Wehner, R, Gehring W : Zoologie, Thieme
Mehlhorn, H (1998) Grundriß der Zoologie, UTB, G. Fischer
Ax, P (1995) Das System der Metazoa I, G Fischer
Westheide W, Rieger R (2004) Spezielle Zoologie, G. Fischer
Campbell, NA (1999) Biologie, Spektrum Verlag
Storch V, Welsch U (2003) Kurzes Lehrbuch der Zoologie, G. Fischer



lecture: "animal geography"

Prof. Dr. R. Entzeroth, Fachbereich Biologie, TU-Dresden
Prof. Dr. H. Lücker, ZooConsultant
Dr. Clara Stefen, Staatl. Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Desden
thursdays, 7.30h - 9.00h, biology - new house E 34


lecture: "general parasitology"

Prof. Dr. Rolf Entzeroth
tuesdays, 3 DS, biology E34


Kayser FH, Bienz, KA, Eckert J, Zinkernagel RM (1998): Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Thieme
Lucius R, Loos-Frank B, Parasitologie, Spektrum Verlag
Mehlhorn H, Düwel D, Raether W (1993):
Diagnose und Therapie der Parasiten von Haus- Nutz. und Heimtieren, G. Fischer, Jena
Piekarski, G (1990): Medizinische Parasitologie in Tafeln
Parasitology Research


practical course

"game biology and parasitology"
(Prof. Dr. R. Entzeroth, Prof. Dr. S. Herzog)

group A: 20.11. - 24.11.2006

group B: 27.11. - 01.12.2006


08.45 meeting place parking lot at the local entrance of Grillenburg
          (on the left side from direction Tharandt)


13.30 meeting place SE2 room 21a


09.00 meeting place game enclosure Moritzburg (2,50€ entrance)


13.30 meeting place SE2 room 21a


09.00 meeting place SE2 room 21a

Bring along: firm footwear, warm clothes, food supply, binoculars (no signal colors)

practical script


practical course: main study

"parasites in tissues - histology und microscopy"

support: Susanne Weiche, Gudrun Wolf, Prof. Hassan, Dr. Abdel-Azeem, Cairo University

location: seminar building 2 room 21a

time: after arrangement, in december 2007


practical course: "determination of animals 2009"

support: NN, Sacha Hanig, Gudrun Wolf

location: course room biology

time: 09.00h - 12.00h
           13.00h - 16.00h

The aim of the practical course is to determin native animal species by means of keys, the classification in a systematic system and a fundamental knowledge of the animal biology.



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