Symposium: Switchability in Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks

The symposium primarily addresses the fundamentals of porosity switching phenomena in the solid state and the underlying principles. Experimental and theoretical approaches in order to derive a predictive model for framework flexibility will be presented, as well as parallelized physical characterization tools will be established enabling the application of in situ global scattering techniques (XRD) and in situ local probe spectroscopies (NMR, EPR, EXAFS) in order to analyze the microscopic structural transformations and dynamics induced by host/guest interactions during adsorption/desorption. Only an interdisciplinary discussion will promote this new field to develop a predictive framework for switchable MOFs fostering an intense cooperation of theoreticians, synthetic chemists, and physicists.

Chair: S. Kaskel
Organizing Committee: E. Brunner, A. Eychmüller, G. Seifert

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