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Semiconductor Quantum Structures
Modul:Phy-Ma-Vert: Physikalische Vertiefung
Lecture language German
Summary of Lecture: Modern deposition and patterning techniques allow the fabrication of ever smaller nanostructures, leading to confinement of electrons in one or more dimensions. Contents: Fabrication, quantum wells and superlattices, quantum wires and dots, nano-transport (tunneling, conductance quantization), optical transitions (e.g. quantum cascade lasers), quantum Hall effect, graphene.
data set up-to-date
Scope:lecture: 2 hours/week
Time/location: DI(5) REC/B214
Audience: Vertiefung Bachelor (PV) und Master (alle)
Specialization area:Angewandte Festkörperphysik und Photonik (Vorlesung im Wahlpflichtvertiefungsgebiet)
Previous knowledge: basic quantum mechanics and solid state physics
also for Master "Nanoelectronic Systems" (module "Quantum Mechanics for Nanoelectronics")


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