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Mr Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Clemens Kirschbaum Ph.D.

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Professur Biopsychologie

Professur Biopsychologie

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Andreas-Schubert-Bau, Room 220 Zellescher Weg 19

01069 Dresden

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+49 351 463-39660
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+49 351 463-37274

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For appointments please contact the secretariat.

Research interests

  • stress and its effects on the physiological and psychological functions of the body
  • psychoendocrinology, psychoimmunology and molecular genetics
  • the influence of acute stress on cognitive control processes.
Professional Career

Since 05.2014

Dean of the School of Science, Technische Universität Dresden

Since 10.2003

Full Professor of Psychology, Technische Universität Dresden

10.1999 – 09.2003

Full Professor of Psychology , Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

12.1996 – 09.1999

Research fellow (Heisenberg scholarship from the German Research Foundation, DFG) at the Center for Psychobiological and Psychosomatic Research at the University of Trier

01.1992 – 03.1993

Postdoctoral education at the University of Rochester, N.Y., Department of Neuroanatomy and Neurobiology; Supervisor: D.L. Felten, M.D. Ph.D.


Habilitation, University of Trier (Venia legendi for psychology)

08.1991 – 11.1996

Assistant professor at the University of Trier


Doctorate (Dr. rer.nat.) „summa cum laude“; University of Trier; 
title of doctoral thesis: „Cortisolmessung im Speichel - Eine Methode der Biologischen Psychologie" (Measurement of cortisol in saliva – a psychobiological method)

10.1986 – 08.1991

Teaching assistant at the University of Trier

08.1985 – 09.1986

Teaching assistant at the University of Münster


Diploma in Psychology (University of Münster)

Scholarships / Awards


Elsevier Citation Award for the Top Cited Paper in 2006 and 2007


Innovation Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of the Center for Psychobiological and Psychosomatic Research ("Verein zur Förderung des Forschungszentrums für Psychobiologie und Psychosomatik")


Heisenberg scholarship from the DFG


Special Citation Award, Behavioral Medicine Research Society, Washington. First author: Dr. Mark Roy


Neal Miller New Investigator Award, Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research


Young Investigator Award, Society for the Immunocompromized Host, Boulder/Colorado, U.S.A.


Dissertation award from the University of Trier


Poster award of the German Society for Medical Psychology, Ulm. 
First author: Dr. Angelika Buske-Kirschbaum


European Science Foundation scholarship for attending the ESF winterschool "Brain, behaviour and the immune system"


European Science Foundation scholarship for attending the ESF winterschool "Stress, Disease and the Brain"

07.1986 – 09.1986

Scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) for visits to different psychoneuroimmunological research laboratories in the U.S.A.

Research grants
01.2017 - 12.2017 DFG: The predictive importance of long-term hair cortisol levels for the development of a posttraumatic stress disorder resulting from rape.
07.2016 - 06.2020 DFG/SFB 940: Chronic stress and executive functioning - a longitudinal perspective

04.2014 - 02.2017

DFG: Long-term effects of prenatal synthetic glucocorticoid exposure on psychosocial stress reactivity and volitional control in children and adolescents. KI 537

01.2014 - 01.2017

DFG: Performance, stress hormone level and mental functioning within entrepreneurs at risk of insolvency: Evaluation of a coaching program (INsoCoach). KI 537/35-1

09.2013 - 12.2016

DFG / Zukunftsprojekt: Psychological and Biological Risk Factors of Burnout

07.2010 - 07.2016

DFG: Victims of War: Contribution of the Cholinergic System to the Development of PTSD in Children and Adolescents in Palestine and Israel. KI 537/29-1

07.2012 - 06.2016

DFG/ SFB 940: The stressed prefrontal cortex: Effects of acute stress on volition and cognitve control.


BMBF: Research Collaboration AMIS: Analyzing pathways from childhood maltreatment to internalizing symptoms and disorders in children and adolsecents. (TU Dresden, 01KR1201B)

09.2012 - 08.2013

DFG: Deficits in Emotion Regulation Skills as a Maintaining Factor in Major Depressive Disorder. KI 537/33-2


BVA: MiSpex-Network: Entwicklung, Evaluation und Transfer einer funktionsbezogenen Diagnostik,Prävention und Therapie bei Rückenschmerz für den Spitzensport und die Gesamtgesellschaft.


DFG: Untersuchung der Assoziation zwischen chronischem Stress und Körperfettverteilung sowie zwischen chronischem Stress und Ernährung innerhalb der EPIC-Potsdam Kohorte. VI 582/1-1

05.2009 – 04.2012

DFG: Psychological and physiological effects of chronic partial sleep deprivations in young parents, 
KI 537/27-1

09.2008 – 08.2010

DFG: Effects of prenatal glucocorticoid medication on the infantile psychological development, health, cognition, concentration and stress response. KI 537/25-1

12.2008 – 11.2010

DFG: Predictors, consequences and convertibility of psychoneuroendocrine stress response in human with social phobia, KI 537/26-1

05.2007 – 04.2009

DFG: Analysis of endogenous cortisol concentration in human scalp hair: A retrospective calendar of cumulative cortisol exposure“ 1162/3-1

07.2006 – 06.2008

DFG: Chronic Stress through "repeated hits" and lack of adaptation? A biopsychological Investigation of the Allostatic Load-concept in amateur athletes. Ki 537/21

05.2005 – 01.2009

DFG: 5-HTTLPR Polymorphismus, emotional memory, Startle- response and stress Ki 537/20-1, 20-3

11.2003 – 10.2004

DFG: Neuronal correlates of psychosocial stress in humans, Ki 537/18

10.2002 – 09.2004

Psychosocial stress in Morbus Addison patients: Investigations of the teleological importance of the HPA stress response in humans

12.2000 – 06.2002

DFG: NF-κB DNA binding activity in response to acute psychosocial stress

01.2000 – 12.2001

DFG: Stress reactivity and glucorticoid sensitivity in healthy individuals and patients with atopic disease

06.1997 – 05.2000

DFG: Rapid habituation of endocrine stress responses: a protective factor for future health problems?

01.1997 – 12.1999

DFG: Investigations of protective effects of sex steroids in elderly individuals under psychological stress

05.1995 – 04.1997

German Research Foundation (DFG): Comparsion of endocrine responsiveness to psychological and physical stress and h-CRH in women using oral contraceptives

09.1993 – 08.1995

German Ministery of Research and Technology: Non-invasive stress monitoring by hormone assessment in saliva during space flights

07.1990 – 06.1991

Research Council for Smoking and Health (Forschungsrat für Rauchen und Gesundheit): Pituitary and adrenal responses to psychological and physical stress and to h-CRH in smokers and nonsmokers

04.1989 – 03.1991

DFG: Classical conditioning of natural killer cell activity in humans

Contribution towards external scientifc networks
  • President of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology (ISPNE)
  • Member of the German National Academy of Sciences - Leopoldina
  • German Research Council (DFG) - Review Board
  • German-Isreali Foundation for Scientific Research and Development
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH), Zürich
  • National Health Service (NHS), Großbritannien    


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