Creation of a personal web site

In general, every single owner of a ZIH login is allowed to publish his own pages. Adherence of the user rule conditions is a matter of course.


1. Creation of a document

Every new user finds a sub directory public_html already created in his home directory. All the ready pages will be stored here. Any other directory won't be accessible from the web.

1.1. Creation on PC

The finished html documents have to be transferred to a login server via ssh. Therefor connect with the SSH Secure File Transfer Client to a login server and copy all created html files per drag'n'drop in the public_html directory or one of it's sub directories.

Via right click on the transferred data, one can change access rights in the properties (permission mode). The rights of the public_html directory should be allocated as follows:

Data: 644
Sub Directories:  755

1.2. Creation on the login-server


In general every text editor is applicable for this. The file can be named arbitrarily with the ending .html or .htm and placed in the public_html directory (or one of its sub directories).
Afterwards the access rules schould be controlled. The document should be readable for everybody. The rights of the public_html directory should be allocated as follows (chmod):

Data: -rw-r--r--
Sub Directories: -rwxr-xr-x

2. Access from the Internet

The new document is accessible from every place in the world under the URL (instead of loginname, please write your own login and for doc.thm the name of your document):

Further Advise

When requesting a directory name (, the visitor normally gets a listing of the directory. If you want to avoid that name the file you want to be shown instead index.html.

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