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Catalog war losses

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The catalog of war losses lists the holdings of the present SLUB that have been missing since the end of the World War II.

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Nazi looted property

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The SLUB specifically searches its holdings for cultural property seized as a result of Nazi persecution (Nazi looted property).

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SLUB Catalog

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The SLUB Catalog (research frontend) is used to search for digital and analogue documents of the SLUB.

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Saxorum (SXRM) is a digital knowledge resource on everyday life, culture and history in Saxony.

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Homepage MaterialHub

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The Material Hub is an open, cross-domain material research platform for research and application provided by the SLUB.

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HPC intermediate archive

Tags: Archive, B2B, B2C, Backup, High Performance computing (HPC), Storage

Archive data from HPC projects

Mailing lists

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Mailing lists or distribution groups for TU internal and external mail addresses


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Learning Management System

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Tool for the implementation of live surveys during talks