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Tags: B2B, B2C, Time Services

Time Synchronization via NTP.

Training Cabinet

Tags: Workplace, B2B

Training Cabinet for courses

Location: > Dresden > WIL Willers-Bau Verbinder A-B, Zellescher Weg 12 - 14

Trouble Ticket System

Tags: B2B, Consulting, Help/Support, Information, Collaboration

TU Dresden Trouble Ticket System


Tags: B2B, B2C, Access Campusnet

VPN technology is used to establish a (virtual) connection to the (private) data network of the TU Dresden for an external user (e.g. Internet access via DSL) via the Internet. After appropriate authentication, this user is then part of the TU Dresden data network from a technical point of view and can therefore also use the TU Dresden services.

Video / telephone conferences

Tags: B2B, B2C, Collaboration

Conducting of video, web and telephone conferences

Location: > Dresden > WIL Willers-Bau Haus A , Zellescher Weg 12 - 14

Vvulnerability Management

Tags: Monitoring

Testing of IT infrastructure for security vulnerabilities


Tags: B2B, B2C, Access Campusnet

Access to the data network of TU Dresden and the German Research Network via Wireless LAN via Eduroam.

WebCMS of the TU Dresden

Tags: Web

The Unit Web and Video of the Directorate Strategy and Communication is responsible for the operation and further development of the Web Content Management System (WebCMS) of the central website of the TU Dresden and offers various consulting services and training courses for content creators.

ZIH Login

Tags: Authentication, B2B, B2C, Login

The ZIH operates the central identity management of the TU Dresden. The user receives a ZIH user login, which is mandatory for almost all other services offered by the ZIH.


Tags: e-Learning

Audience response system