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OpARA - Archiving and publication of research data

Tags: Archive, B2B, B2C, Research Data, Storage

Archiving and publication of research data

DRESDEN Technology Portal

Tags: Research Data, Reseach Tool, Collaboration, Web

The DRESDEN Technology Portal is a joint online database of all partners of the DRESDEN-concept. It provides a comprehensive overview and access to scientific instruments, services and technologies of research institutions in Dresden, Germany.

Location: > > Dresden > BSS Bürogebäude Strehlener Str. 22, 24

Data network connection

Tags: B2B, Datanet/Internet, Access Campusnet

Connection of institutions to the central data network of the TU Dresden

Research cloud

Tags: B2B, B2C, Virtual Server (VM)

Fast provisioning of virtual machines in the TU-internal network for research and testing purposes

Location: > > Dresden > TRE Rechnergebäude, Zellescher Weg 16

WiFi network eduroam

Tags: B2B, B2C, Datanet/Internet, Access Campusnet

In cooperation with the ZIH of the TU Dresden, the SLUB Dresden provides the WiFi network eduroam with the usual access data in all its locations.

Location: > > SLUB


Tags: Archive, Research Data, Information, Veröffentlichen, Web

Qucosa, part of the international Open Access infrastructure, is Saxony's document and publication server. It serves the free publication, verification and long-term archiving of electronic documents.

Location: > > SLUB

Tags: Reseach Tool, Web is the portal of the specialist information service for Art, Photography and Design. The digital platform for art history and art studies offers digital tools, research tools and digital source material on art, photography, design.

Location: > > SLUB

Virtual Map Forum 2.0

Tags: Reseach Tool, Information, Collaboration, Web

The Virtual Map Forum 2.0 allows spatio-temporal research in holdings of the SLUB's historical map collection as well as to participate in georeferencing.

Location: > > SLUB

Object storage

Tags: B2B, B2C, Collaboration, Central Data Storage

Storage of object data enrichable with metadata

Homepage MaterialHub

Tags: B2B, B2C, Reseach Tool, Software, Web

The Material Hub is an open, cross-domain material research platform for research and application provided by the SLUB.

Location: > > SLUB

HPC intermediate archive

Tags: Archive, B2B, B2C, Backup, High Performance computing (HPC), Storage

Archive data from HPC projects


Tags: B2B, B2C, Backup, Storage

Data saving on personal computers and servers