Environmental Management at TU Dresden

Since 2003 the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) is the first technical university of Germany with a verified environmental management system (also called Eco-Audit) according to the EMAS-Standard (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).
With attending the EMAS system Dresden Univerisity shows its engagement in excess of required environemental protection. The university ist intended to mediate environmental awareness in teaching and research processes as well as in administration. Therefore the TU Dresden adopted the “Umweltleitlinien der TU Dresden” – the environmental policy. The EMAS-Standard requires continious validation audits carried out by an external consultants every year and publishing an environmental report.


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Umweltkoordinatorin, Dezernat Liegenschaften, Technik und Sicherheit/ Sachgebiet Zentrale Technische Dienste/ Gruppe Umweltschutz

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