Doctoral Seminar: Stochastic Optimization with Applications in the Field of Gas Market Modelling

When:     Saturday, April 28th, 10:00 -18:00

Where:   TU Dresden, Faculty of Business and Economics

                  Münchnerplatz 3,  01187 Dresden

                 Faculty´s ceremonial hall (Hülsse-Bau, northern wing, 3rd floor)

Seminar topic and content

The issue of uncertainty plays an increasingly important role in model-based decision support in various fields across the natural, engineering and economic sciences. In particular, current developments in the field of energy system analysis as pertains to the ongoing transformation of the energy supply structure and changing demand patterns has generated an increased interest in applying stochastic optimization approaches to current problems. These approaches encompass a range of methodologies that are diverse in nature.

The doctoral seminar aims to familiarize the participants with the field of stochastic optimization and programming while providing hands-on applications using modelling software. In particular, applications and examples in the area of natural gas market modelling are to be discussed. The basic approaches and techniques can, however, be transferred to other applications and relevant areas of research.

The seminar is to be held in English.

Credit as a methods course (Methodenschein) according to PromO 2010 § 6(2), Nr. 14 is possible, pending the completion of the required assignment.


  • Basic proficiency in the usage of the programming software GAMS
  • Basic knowledge of stochastic optimization


  • Reading and familiarization with the distributed articles (a list will be provided)
  • Attendance and active participation in the seminar
  • Completing/working on assignments during the seminar

About the instructor

Prof. Dr. Ruud Egging is an associate professor at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He has research affiliations with the research institute SINTEF in Trondheim and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). Ruud has a master’s degree in Business Econometrics from the Free University in Amsterdam (1997) and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA (2010). His main research and publication area is energy markets and infrastructure, with a topical focus on – but not limited to – natural gas markets and the liquefied natural gas supply chain and a functional focus on scenario analysis, stochastic equilibrium and risk modelling, and decomposition. Recently bioenergy and regional economic and policy modelling have gained his interest.


Participation is limited (max. 20 particpants). The registration deadline is set for 28. February.

To register please  fill out the registration form here and send it via e-mail to  Dr. Uta Schwarz,​, +49 351 463-33141.

For question concerning content/organizational matters please contact:

Philipp Hauser,, +49 351 463-39680;

Matthew Schmidt,, +49 351 463-39764

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