Information Technology and Microelectronics

Forschungsprofillinie 3 "Informationstechnik und Mikroelektronik" Forschungsprofillinie 3 "Informationstechnik und Mikroelektronik"

© Frank Johannes

Forschungsprofillinie 3 "Informationstechnik und Mikroelektronik"

© Frank Johannes

Information Technology and Microelectronics is an area of utmost importance as the largest microelectronics hub in Europe is centered in Dresden, with over 1,500 companies growing at an average rate of well over 1,000 jobs/year, and currently approximately 50,000 employees. As a result of strategic appointments over the past decade, TUD´s scientific competence now covers the full spectrum from basic and applied research on information processing and communication, to developing and testing innovative materials (Nanotechnology, Bionics). There are strong ties with several regional Fraunhofer Institutes as well as multiple joint ventures with industry’s global leaders, e.g. reflected by acquiring and steering the German Leading-Edge Cluster “CoolSilicon”. Based on research excellence, TUD has been invited to submit a full proposal for an Excellence Cluster Advancing Electronics Dresden.

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