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ESADD - European Graduate School in Addiction Research

Details ESADD - European Graduate School in Addiction Research

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Status Quo ESADD

ESADD was developed to provide a comprehensive and high-level education in research on substance use disorders for PhD/MD students from all over Europe. So far, three  two-year postgraduate training course for PhD/MD candidates who strive for excellence in addiction research have been completed, the last one in 2016. 

At the moment, the course is being restructured, new partners and new sources of funding are in the process of being aquired. 

Information about the NEW ESADD course, entry requirements, application procedures and the start date will be published here (approximately in spring 2017). 

Until the restructuring of the course has been finished, information about previous ESADD courses can be found on this website. 

You can contact ESADD at: esadd@mail.zih.tu-dresden.de