14th European Energy Market Conference - EEM 2017

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The Chair of Energy Economics had the pleasure of hosting the 14th European Energy Market Conference - EEM 2017 in Dresden from 6-9 June 2017.

The conference proceedings are available online at the IEEE Xplore digital library.

More innformation about the conference is available here.

The EEM is a well-established conference in Europe with international appeal, which brings together international representatives from science, industry and politics from different fields in Energy Economics. It provides a common platform to discuss current challenges and solutions for (European) energy markets and to present new ideas. Thereby, a wide range of topics within and across sectors will be addressed such as:

  • European Energy and Climate Policy
  • Market Integration of Renewables
  • Infrastructure Development and Management
  • Energy System and Market Design Issues
  • Gas, Oil and Coal Markets

The European Energy Market Conference has established a long tradition, which continues to grow year by year. It takes place once a year in different cities all over Europe. Past conferences include:

  • EEM 2016 Porto
  • EEM 2015 Lisbon
  • EEM 2013 Stockholm
  • EEM 2012 Florence
  • EEM 2011 Zagreb

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