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Chair of Business Informatics, esp Information Management

experience now Chair of Business Informatics, esp Information Management

A Closer Look at the Chair

Mission Statement

We consider information and the meaningful use of information as a defining feature of the social, organizational and individual life in the European knowledge society. We understand our Chair at the TU Dresden as an economic science design discipline with special regards to the dimensions of internationality, interdisciplinarity and application orientation. For us, identifying characteristics of information management are

  • Strategic IT-Governance: All management tasks in organizations dealing with information and communication processes in order to achieve organizational objectives, and
  • Information Literacy as a problem-adequate, competent handling of the resource information.

We focus particularly on the design, use and evaluation of processes and systems of collaborative knowledge work in organizations in the perspectives

  • Knowledge acquisition: didactics and technically accentuated learning environments and
  • Knowledge work: organizational learning within Enterprise 2.0

We are living our mission statement in the fields