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Department of Forest Sciences Tharandt

In Tharandt you find one of the oldest forestry educational institutions. In 1811 Heinrich Cotta moved his forestry school from Zillbach in Thuringia to Tharandt upon a call by the Saxon Royal Court, because of the need to re-establish the overused forests. In 1816 Cotta’s private forestry school in Tharandt was taken over by the state and transformed into the Royal Saxon Academy of Forestry.

The affiliation to the Technical College (Technische Hochschule Dresden - now TU Dresden) took place in 1929.

Today the Department of Forest Sciences is part of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of Technische Universität Dresden. 

The Department comprises 9 institutes with 20 Chairs.

Tharandt - a place of forestry education - is characterized by its vicinity to the Saxon capital Dresden and by being integrated in a large university, at the same time providing individual consultation and guidance for the students in a pleasant atmosphere.

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