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Important Issues

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The Chair of Water Supply

... is vacant since May 01, 2015. The content of teaching and the research activities of the Chair of Water Supply have been adopted adequately by the Chairs of  

in the context of restructuring the Institute of Urban and Industrial Water Management.

The Chair of Hydrochemistry and Water Technology deals with the topics of raw water quality and (advanced) chemical water treatment, for example by means of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The topic of the engineering implementation of water distribution in large networks and its modelling is covered by the Chair of Urban Water Management. The subject of ​​(chemical-) physical water treatment, for example by means of filtration, is assigned to the Chair of Process Engineering in Hydrosystems.

Furthermore wihtin the web area of the research information system of Technische Universität Dresden you can also find an overview of all theses and research projects finisehd at the Chair of Water Supply.